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Pure Malt Quality. Nothing else.

It’s about what you put in. And also what you leave out.

Pure malt quality always shines. Not literally of course. But certainly, with every refreshing sip. Heineken is brewed with nothing less than Pure Malt, water, hops and A-Yeast. And nothing more; our recipe has no corn, no rice, no additives. And, because we are so proud of what we put in our bottles, we put it on our bottles.

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Pure Malt quality

Pure malt quality always shines

Pure Malt Quality.

Our quality never changes.

So our label did, to reflect that. Look for the pure malt label in every Heineken. When it’s in your sight, you know every sip that follows will bring you the refreshing taste that Heineken has been delivering for over 150 years.

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Interested to learn more about Pure Malt?

Your tastebuds will. Whether you prefer Heineken Original, 0.0 or Silver, it’s Pure Malt that enriches your favorite lager by adding a crisp, refreshing note to every single sip. It also gives Heineken it’s natural golden hue. We carefully choose premium malts with strict standards on protein level and quality. That’s how we’ve earned the Pure Malt Label. A badge that wouldn’t be possible with additives like rice or corn. Our master brewers are proud to be at the service of your tastebuds.

Pure Malt takes more time, more effort and more expertise. It’s the only way to get the perfectly balanced Heineken taste. It’s a more complex process - but at the end it’s the only way to get the crisp, refreshing taste and golden hue that makes Heineken, Heineken.

No. Heineken has a policy of not using any GMO raw materials.

Beer contains gluten, which comes from the grain used to brew it. Only a fraction of the gluten in the grain gets into the beer – the exact amount depends on the kind of grain used. Brewing beer with barley leaves only traces of gluten in the beer, while wheat contributes considerably more. The brewing process can also affect gluten content. Generally speaking, the clearer and blonder the beer is, the less gluten it contains. Some people are allergic to gluten and have to follow a diet that minimises or excludes their gluten intake. Whether beer can be part of such a diet or not depends on the extent of the allergy and the type of beer consumed. In many cases, lager beers pose no problem for people who have a gluten allergy. However, it is up to individuals to assess their own sensitivity.


Curious about how much love we put into everything we brew?

The beauty of brewing is that it’s a natural process, enhanced by craftsmanship to create the perfect beverage. Our Heineken lager contains just three main ingredients: barley, hops and water. When our A-yeast is added, this is when Heineken magically transforms into the brew we all know and love.

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