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When you drive, never drinks - Heineken

The better driver is the one who doesn’t drink

The best drivers know that you never get behind the wheel after drinking. Heineken is proud to communicate this in partnership with Keke and Nico Rosberg

When you drive, never drink

When you drive, never drink. It’s a message we’re passionate about, because responsible drinking is at the core of Heineken. It may be a serious message – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be shared in a fun way. We collabed with two of the most iconic drivers in the world: Father and Son F1 legends, Keke & Nico Roseberg to create a film all about it. The conclusion? If you crack open the bottle you don’t get the keys. Watch it and enjoy the hair-pin twist at the end.

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Enjoy responsibly

Encouraging Responsibility

Heineken® has always advocated responsible consumption of our products. Through building global partnerships and executing worldwide campaigns, as well as committing to invest 10%+ of all media budget to supporting these programmes, we aim to destigmatizing responsible drinking.

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